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7:48pm 05-08-2017
Happy Birthday ! 27 years your parents have been blessed to have had you. They love you so dearly. You have to feel their love everyday, it is so ever present. You were given their love of life and kind heart. I am always in awe when I have the pleasure of spending time with them. I wish I had met you, to have seen your sweet smile. My heart knows you are the apple of their eyes! There has to be a direct line of love right up into heaven! Love trumps all! Hugs Cheryl S.
5:35pm 05-08-2017
Happy Birthday Christopher, I hope they have a Lego Land just for you and i just know the Angels will be singing Happy Birthday To All Day...sending up many Hugs to you!!!
4:08pm 05-08-2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday Christopher.
I'm also sending so much Love to your Mom
And family
9:24pm 05-07-2017
Dear Christopher - I don't know where to start. Today was an amazing and crazy day. Only you could have brought the sunshine out for our Relay team to run in the Pittsburgh Marathon. that truly has to be a sign from you! then going to cemetery, the road was closed for the way that i normally go, but thankfully i was able to get there using an alternate route. Dinner and your birthday cake was nice at Grandmas, and as usual i couldn't bring myself to sing Happy Birthday, and there were tears. after dinner is when Grandma slipped and fell. Please be with her at the hospital to get the care she needs.
love you so much,
7:42pm 05-07-2017
Happy Birthday Angel Chris
6:02pm 05-07-2017
Dear Maria, Thinking of You and Your Sweet Angel Son Christopher, Today May 7th, Christopher's 27th Birthday in Heaven. Hugs to You and your Sweet Son Christopher in Heaven, The Websites In His Memory that you have made with so much Love from your dear Mom Heart are Beautiful, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven with your Sweet Son Christopher, and Sean on Earth.
4:32pm 05-07-2017

Thinking of you today on your precious Christopher's 27th Birthday. I pray you have a gentle, peaceful day filled with love and wonderful memories of happier birthdays spent with your sweet little Angel.


4:06pm 05-07-2017
Norma Jean
Maria, I am so overjoyed with all the gifts for Christopher's birthday.. They are so beautiful.. Prayers for a wonderful safe run for his memory and his courage.. May many find peace here as I have.. Love and care forever, Norma Jean and Gerald
1:42pm 05-07-2017
Sending love and hugs Maria to you and your family on Christopher's 27th Birthday and what beautiful pages you have made Maria for your lovely son.
Happy Birthday Christopher
11:23am 05-07-2017
Maria, I've been thinking of you lately, knowing that Christopher's birthday was coming up, and have been praying for you. I hope you can find some comfort knowing that Christopher is with the Lord and one day you'll be reunited with him. Sending you love, hugs and prayers. Love from Kate's mom - Kathy
10:32pm 05-06-2017
Maria--thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs and prayers. I'll have a candle lit for your precious Christopher in the morning. Wishing you a gentle day. God bless you, my friend.
Love and Hugs,
Mom to Ken
10:04pm 05-06-2017
Anne, Kirby's mom
Christopher's page is lovely. You did a wonderful job! Sending you many hugs.

Happy birthday Christopher.
9:49pm 05-06-2017
You did a beautiful job on all the pages.

Happy Birthday Christopher!!
9:24pm 05-06-2017
Donna-Corey's mom
Thinking of you and your precious Christopher fir his Heavenly birthday. I know that no matter how many years may go ny, we will never stop missing our beloved children and wishing we could have even just one more day with them.
I pray you have a gentle day and feel your handsome angel around you.
Donna-Corey's mom
9:14pm 05-06-2017
Beth hall
Happy Birthday Christopher!
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